Tuesday, March 22, 2011

While I listen to the week 5 lecture.

It's our non-contact week at uni. Lee and I are going away to Busselton for our anniversary this weekend, so I'm using these four days to catch up with uni before I go. So far I've put up a to-do list featuring the on-line lectures, readings and Real Life (tm). What I've actually achieved is much Plants vs Zombies, crochet projects and arguments with Darth Barbie (aka Adult Daughter from Hell).

This morning I decided to side step Darth Barbie (leaving her watching 'Friends') and listen to the Week 5 lecture while crocheting. I have come to the realisation lately that, unlike the on-site lecture situation, I can't sit still and listen to the computer. I need to be doing something creative with my hands. This morning I'm crocheting a blanket using a stitch that is both unusual and easy to execute and my mind is going wild with the assignment 2A possibilities.

I'm feeling a little trepidatious about 2A. We need to create a Teacher's Resource using Multi-Media. I have ideas, but I also have one problem. I have to work with others.

This isn't the problem per se. I'm a people person and as the mother of oh-so-many I'm used to working in with other people. However, as a mother of oh-so-many I'm also used to taking charge, to handing out roles, to delegating chores. I'm aware that this is both my virtue and my failing. I have a great relationship with my children (apart from Darth Barbie, but then she didn't grow up with me) and we work well as a team. I don't want my assignment-buddies to see my management skills as parental heavy-headedness. That leads to resentment and a sub-standard assignment. So, I'm going to have to put forward my ideas and then let the others have their say.

Repeat after me: Must not take over. Must not take over. Must not...

It's just that I want to get brain-storming. I've sent out emails introducing myself and asking for their thoughts before offering my own. So far, no reply. My fingers are itching to get going on this, to open Google Docs and write notes and draw up sheets of thought-balloons.

I think I'll go add to my blanket.

In other news, my lovely daughter Erin received a citizenship award last week for being a good example to other students. This is a photo taken the second after hearing her name called out. Surprised, pleased, beautiful. She was all of these.

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