Monday, March 7, 2011

Assignment done!

Kids in the Kitchen - Current Stand
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My EDN113 assignment has been submitted and now I await approval. This assignment comes in two parts with the first part 1A, setting up my website. 1B will be adding bells and whistles. What I'm being assessed on is: the set up, my blog, my contacts page, a picture and ummm something else. I know I covered all five so it should be okay.

1B will be an extension on this, using social networking. I'll be using iTunes to set up a play list of songs for a complete one hour workout, with reasons for the songs chosen. I've sort of done something similar with youtube on site, so I'm a little familiar with the process. I think.

For now, here is a song that makes me run (good strong beat, up and down rhythm for walk - run transition), makes me get up and work (my personal Eye of the Tiger), makes me cry (reminds me of a dark time in my life), makes Lee throw up (because he has no musical taste :)) If only I could have worked out how to put the song after my post.

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