Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thinking on the three weeks so far.

You know, I called this blog site Lyn the Luddite, because I perceive myself to be a bit of a techno-phobe, but one thing this unit has brought out is how untrue that is. I use tech lots! I use the internet for Facebook and for email, but I also use it for so much more.

I use it for banking.

I use it for shopping (catalogue surfing to see what's on special and buying stuff via eBay, the Nottingham Forest website, Book Depository etc)

I use it for reseach both as a writer and as a student. And as a mum. And for recipes. And for weight loss tips.

I use Google Calendar to keep track of my week so I know when I should be studying and when I should be going to the gym. Talking of which...)

I use it for music downloads (of course I pay. Don't even think to ask :))

I now use it to buy books for my iPad (although, generally, I download the freebies).

And, of course, I access the uni site for information, discussions etc.

I use the internet all the time.

I can also confidently use Microsoft Office, iTunes, Plants vs Zombies etc.

I am not the Luddite you are looking for.

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