Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update on techy goodness

I love my iPad. Lee's commandeered the laptop but I can still update my blog. Today, after joining and scouring Flickr I managed to find new photos for my Power Point. Tomorrow I shall begin to rebuild it.

I got a fright while editing the first version. A pop-up, well, popped up, telling me that Norton had picked up 5 major threats from worms, viruses and Trojans. It then offered to fix the issues, to which I readily agreed. It said it had come from an image I'd downloaded which freaked me all the more. I immediately deleted all the images I'd previously taken from the net plus deleted the Power Point. Okay,a slight over reaction, possibly, but the last thing we need is more computer issues.

Sometimes, they really are more trouble than they're worth.

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