Thursday, March 31, 2011

Recipe for assignment

Or, why Jenni Parker wins my Favourite Tutor of the Week award!

It's been a great day for uni. My little boy was sick, my beloved husband was home and I had a headache that was probably more about stress than anything else. I so didn't want to go to uni. However, I had an assignment to prepare for and I wanted to meet up with my study-buddies to find out where we're at. So, I packed up, bought a coffee and a Red Bull and allowed Lee to drive me away from him and our baby.
I'm so glad I went. Not only was FDN102 fun and interesting, but a talk with my Jenni, my EDN 113 tutor, led me in the right direction regards my powerpoint.

Let me say, right here, right now, AuthorSTREAM rocks the granny's panties. It's like Flickr in that you can upload ppts for others to see plus embed them ala right here. It's not perfect. The chimes are just slightly out of sync and I've still lost the page-turning effects but it's a lot closer than what I had on my website. No more making with the clicky as the pages turn by themselves. I've tinkered with it a little, too, because I'm like that. I'm a fiddler, I know...

However, everytime I put it on here, I find that I can view it on "View Post" but not on "View Blog" (it just comes up with a blank white screen). So, here's the link you can use to find it.

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