Friday, March 18, 2011

Today's the day

I'm about to upload my assignment for marking. I'm a bit nervous as it all seemed to be easy enough to begin with, but then got more difficult than it had any business being.

When I began this process of creation and blogging I did most of it without even thinking about it. Most of it was point and click. My husband bought the domain name and the webspace and I attached them as directed. I don't think I'll be advising others to use justhost or crazydomains. My unit has shown me that there are simpler ways of making a page than going down this route. I don't know how well other students have done with Weebly or Yola, but I wasn't impressed with what Google docs did to my PowerPoint so I can't imagine their page builder would be all that better.

I did enjoy the process of building my exercise play-list and my recipe ppt. It's a pity so much got lost in translation. I would love to be able to show the ppt I made, but for now it can be seen in its simple slide show form at the website page. The exercise playlist is on its own page. Both pages feature how I made them and why.

Next up is making teaching pages. I so don't feel ready for this. I'm not a teacher. How do I know what's needed for learning?

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