Saturday, February 26, 2011


A tough week at uni, due to the extreme heat, an embarrassing episode with one of my tutors and acute PMS.

If there's one thing I hate more than having a teenager tell me what to do, it's having a teenager who's also a complete stranger telling me what to do. I had one person at Wednesday's EDN113 tute telling me what I can and can't put in my blog and how I have to obey the rules because they do. They also told me I should have more respect for my children's privacy and not put pictures or information about them on the internet.

Nuh-uh. I don't put up with my three teenagers laying down the law to me, and I love them.

Firstly, I do respect my children's privacy. I ask each of my teens permission before I talk about them or put photos of them on line. Secondly, Shut up.

Did I mention PMS?

See, this is why you can't keep units and life separate. If you say you can, then you're only giving a portion of the information. Or else, your life is really boring.

I was very tempted to give up on uni this week. I got news that I have to start paying my ex child support. Fair enough. Blake is my child and I'm happy to pay for him. However, the amount quoted was way too much and I didn't see how I could pay it plus stay at uni. I'm not earning anything, so the person who ends up paying is Lee. Lee's already supporting our two children, plus Aiden, Georgie and Luc. To ask more from him is just too unfair.

So, the solution is to get a job. Which means no uni. Which means never being a teacher. So, in effect, I've done all this for nothing. The website, the blog, the drive to and from Rockingham, not necessary. A waste of time. And space. And time.

Rather than give serious consideration, I phoned CSA. The girl I spoke to listened to my fears and, after working with a technical operator for an hour, helped me with an alternative. It means paying a lot less money but an amount where I can still say I'm giving a fair share. I love CSA today.

See, real life does effect uni. How can I not write about that?

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