Monday, April 4, 2011

Where I'm at (sort of)

I've just walked out of my lecture and my head is buzzing from all the things we need to do in the upcoming assignments 2A and B. I went to last week's tutorial and got to meet up with one of the people I'm working with. The task had already been chosen - we're working on English and using "Corresponding with a sport's star" as our platform. The technology we're looking at using is: mobile phones for photos, and maybe recording an interview with the star; computers for emailing the star in question and iPod/Pad for podcasts. I'm taking on the email component for the correspondence because it is my strength.

Our lecture today was really interesting. Some of it was regarding our blogs and the sort of stuff we need to be including in it. Fortunately, I've been doing pretty much all of it as a matter of course, so I feel I'm pretty much on track. I could probably do with participating in the online forums a little more, but with there being so many streams I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed as to where to start. I've commented on a couple of them but it wouldn't hurt to make my presence a little more felt. The thing is, I'm such a talker in class, I sometimes worry that people get sick of my voice. I don't want them to get sick of Cyber-me as well.

Anyway, that's it for now. I have readings to read and log for my other unit plus research to do for both. Busy busy busy. I had massive chest pain over the weekend and I want to take it easy while being busy, so at least I have an excuse to study rather than do housework.

Actually, that reminds me. I Facebooked my chest pain on Saturday and had about 30 comments from people I don't even know personally telling me to go to hospital. That's the weird thing about social networks. We all feel connected, even though we're not really. Everyone had a story to tell about chest pain and heart attacks (don't need to tell me, my Dad died at 45 from a massive heart attack) but in the end I went with what my body was telling me. I'm over doing it and I need to rest more.

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