Friday, April 8, 2011

Assignment 1B result and other stuff

This year, on February 2, I packed up the lunches for my various children and drove them to Primary School, High School and TAFE. I did so with a heavy heart, knowing that I was, once again, failing life. I had completed just one semester last year before succumbing to bronchitis and depression. I had failed to get jobs that I should have walked into and in general I felt awful. It was going to cost $100 for me to reapply for uni after my deferral, $100 we just didn't have. I felt so defeated by life at this point.

On February 3 I repeated the process, but this time I came home and reapplied for uni anyway and then picked my lecture and tute times. I took a deep breath and committed myself to passing the units.

Two months on I've completed a couple of assignments and the results are in. 17/20 (aka 85% aka HD) for EDN113 and 8.3/10 (aka 83% aka HD) for FDN102.

I am so proud of myself. I have to deal with so much in my personal life (depression, bronchitis, anaemia)but with the support of my loving family, my tutors and with my own determination I'm achieving results. I came home with a renewed feeling of commitment and have forged ahead with the next lot of assignments.

Onwards and upwards, my friends. Onwards and upwards.

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